Remedy for memory 


Remedy for memory statement

“Remedy for Memory” consists of 85 fragile memory photographs utilizing a unique gel medium format. This installation was appropriated and derived from over 21 years of memory (from birth to my current life). The Imagery displayed entails extraordinary and sometimes haunting events that have shaped my life and my outlook as an artist. This reminiscent process has allowed me to purify my memories and heal from traumatic experiences of the past.

These memories have been put into physical form using this gel acrylic medium and transfer process. The gel is a transparent form that allows a viewer to literally see through the image (and me). The installation is illuminated in the best way possible; with natural light. Most of the images convey cheerful moments, and some are simply a façade of reality. The colourful images display blissful memories while the grayscale pieces consist of a damaged time that constantly lingers in my thoughts. The process of layering on the gel medium and then scraping off the remaining paper reminds me of the uncovering of an archival object. As each image is uncovered a new memory is remembered.

I experienced many sentimental feelings when I held each refined fragment up into the light. The gel form I have chosen is the most suitable manifestation for this installation. Each piece is an original as the brush strokes are evident, making these memories intimate.  Memories are ultimately intangible visuals that exist in the limbic system within our brain. We take photographs to remember. These memories become physical proof that these events (of our lives) happened; this helps us relive the positive emotions we felt at the particular moment in time during a certain event.

Memories can also become mixed up and the sequence of events becomes chaotic and tangled. I have separated my memories in hopes to heal as well, to show people that there is in fact a ‘remedy’ for memory.